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Great American Sports Cards

2023/24 Recon Basketball Hobby Box

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2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball has a couple of hallmarks. Flashy designs are the first. This isn’t a line for subtleties. In fact, it’s anything but. The checklist is also large, boasting a significant amount of both inserts and parallels.

Hobby boxes promise promise a pair of autographs plus 20 total inserts and parallels, which works out to an average of two per pack.

2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball Checklist Overview

The base set is a mix of vets and rookies. Parallels available in hobby packs include:

  • Holo
  • Holo Dots – SSP
  • Bronze Holo – /299
  • Red Holo – /199
  • Blue Holo – /99
  • Purple Holo – /75
  • Effect Holo – /49
  • Gold Holo – /10
  • Green Holo – /5
  • Platinum Holo – 1/1

Among Recon’s signature offerings are a pair that also come with memorabilia swatches, Rookie Jersey Autographs and Novice Patch Autographs.

2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball Novice Patch Autographs Ausar Thompson

Both Draft Night Acetate Signatures and Sophomore Acetate Signatures get a layered kind of look thanks to the signing surface the use.

2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball Acetate Draft Night Signatures Keyonte George

Other ink themes include Archetype Signatures and Seasoned Pro Autographs.

As far as other inserts go, Gala makes the jump over to recon. As has been the case in the past when it was part of a standalone release and later in Chronicles, these have just eight copies each and no parallels.

Fuzion and Contours, both of which are new to the basketball court, are among Recon’s other short print chase sets.

2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball Fuzion Stephen Curry

Additional inserts include Fleet Feet, Future Legends, The Mighty, Rock the Rim, Rookie Portraits, Rookie Recon, Rookie Review, Sky’s the Limit, Vector, and World Travellers. All of these have Purple (/75) and Effect (/25) parallels.

2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 6
Packs per box: Hobby – 10
Boxes per case: Hobby – 12
Set size: 250 cards
Release date: May 1, 2024